Kiteboarding Lesson (2hr)

Kiteboarding Lesson (2hr)
From AUD $195.00
  • Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Safety bay, WA
  • Product code: PN9D0R

If you want to learn to kite, this is where to do it.

All of our kiteboarding lessons are run as a one-on-one lesson with internationally experienced and qualified instructors. We operate strict control measures to ensure that our instructors are always teaching with the safest and most up to date methods.

We teach in Safety Bay, one of the safest and most learner friendly locations we have ever come across. The water is shallow close to our launching and landing area, but deepens the further we go until you can not touch the bottom. This allows us to teach safely, efficiently and push your boundaries once you have the basics down.

We teach using only the best learner gear from the worlds biggest brands. All of our school boards and kites are updated regularly to ensure the quality is kept to the absolute optimum. Regular maintenance checks also help to avoid any mid session mishaps.

And best of all, we teach on the gear that we sell. So if you do your lessons on a setup that you bond with, you can buy that setup straight after your lesson, at our beach side retail store. We can even help you unwrap and setup the gear for your first time.

Please SEE HERE for more detailed information on what to expect from your lesson and ensure you read our Terms and Conditions.


Lesson Plans

Lesson 1

This is where we start. If you're super keen to start learning the amazing sport of kiteboarding, get yourself booked in for your first lesson.

With this lesson, we start off with a small, two line trainer kite on the beach, learning the art of kite flying and how we generate power using a kite. We then run through the full setup of an inflatable kiteboarding kite. Once you have proven proficient in the safety systems of the kite, we take to the water where we teach you your basic flying skills, how to relaunch your kite when it crashes and most importantly, how to self rescue yourself in the event of an accident.

Lesson 2

You are now ready to use the kite to propel yourself through the water; the most fun you can have till you put the board on. We will teach you how to body drag downwind, crosswind and upwind - an important skill to learn to retrieve your lost board. Finally finish it off with how to do an emergency pack down in deep water.

Lesson 3

By now, most people are ready for the board!! In this lesson we will teach you specific skills for getting up on the board, safely and in control. Once you're getting the hang of that, we'll teach you edging techniques and how to ride upwind.

Depending on how you progress, the sky is the limit for this lesson. Some students may only just look at board starts, while others may be riding in one, or both, directions with some degree of control.

Lesson 4 and onwards

Your fourth lesson is really a progression from the previous lesson. Depending on your skills and confidence, we can take this lesson in any direction. By now you will have had close to 5 hours of kite flying experience and hopefully some board riding time too. We are aiming to ensure you are safe, confident and above all, enjoying your kiteboarding with minimum frustration!